Schüttflix & STRABAG: Driving forward digitalisation in road construction

How our partnership is shaking up the construction industry
Ordering bulk materials digitally via smartphone © Schüttflix GmbH 2022

STRABAG is building on digitalisation and data, two trends that will shape the future of the construction industry. On our way into this new future, we will draw upon our own resources while also tapping the agility and power of start-up enterprises to support us in this transition. In return, these young companies stand to benefit from our know-how and expertise. One of these start-ups is Schüttflix, the first digital logistics platform for bulk materials in Europe. Together with Schüttflix, we are digitalising order and delivery processes, permanently changing the entire industry along the way.

STRABAG and Schüttflix: driving digitization forward together

Schüttflix@STRABAG: digitalising procurement and logistics

Schüttflix is a digital logistics platform for bulk goods of all kinds that connects construction companies with manufacturers and transport providers. The ordering process and all commercial activities are handled digitally and directly via the Schüttflix platform, greatly improving and speeding up the procurement and logistics processes for all involved.

Two companies, one objective

  • Establish an end-to-end digital procurement process
  • Develop an inclusive and cooperative market solution
  • Provide additional transparency in the market and boost efficiency
  • Relieve the burden on operating staff through automation
  • Ensure sufficient transport and material capacities
  • Improve the carbon footprint through optimised itineraries

Corporate & start-up: odd couple or a match made in heaven?

The cooperation with selected agile start-ups is a key factor in the transformation process at STRABAG. On the one hand, there’s our intrapreneurship programme adASTRA, with which we draw on ideas from our own employees. On the other hand, we also seek out creative external partners that we support with our knowledge. Since the start of our cooperation with Schüttflix in 2020, we have been demonstrating how corporate enterprises and start-up companies can work together on a successful market solution. We contribute our operational know-how along the entire digitally mapped process, test it at an early stage and provide feedback so we can put theory to practice as quickly as possible.

© Schüttflix GmbH 2022
Schüttflix is a digital logistics platform for bulk goods of all kinds that connects construction companies with manufacturers and transport providers.

Future prospects: What's next?

Schüttflix is currently expanding its product range to include the field of disposal. In the future, users will be able to use the platform to systematically commission and process disposal services for certain construction and demolition waste. The company is also working on the trimodal optimisation of supply chains via road, rail and ship.

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