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Installation of recycled asphalt

Innovative methods are needed to help us use our resources as efficiently as possible and support the transition towards a smart circular economy. We are developing and using state-of-the-art technologies that save, conserve and recycle raw materials and the component parts used in construction. Mineral construction waste, for example, such as excavated soil and rock, building debris and road rubble, are a huge problem. Avoiding this kind of waste, or collecting and efficiently reusing it, is the answer we need – both with regard to the increasing scarcity of resources and in terms of environmental protection.

  • We look at construction as a cycle: from development, planning and design to construction and operation to demolition and recycling. This is the only way to make sure our work is economically and environmentally sound.

    Dr. Marcus Ehrenberger
    Function Lead Sustainability Management

In each of our buildings, we factor in the entire life cycle and consider the costs of demolition, disposal and recycling already in the planning stage. By carrying out a life cycle assessment of a construction project, we can identify and exploit additional potential to minimise the environmental impact. Certifications and eco-labels serve as a visible sign of this important added value.

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A selection of projects that show how we are helping to shape the materials and circular economy.

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