Work on Progress

Climate neutral by 2040. Let's shake on it!

Our journey into the future has begun.

On the construction site, we’re used to straight talk. So let’s just come right out and say it: We’ve got a problem. The construction industry is responsible for 38 % of global carbon emissions. Clearly, our industry must be part of the solution. After all, we are positioned at one of the biggest levers for a better future. And if we move this lever, a lot will change. STRABAG will reimagine the construction industry. Our clear goal, perhaps the most important in our company’s history: becoming climate neutral by 2040.

But we won’t achieve this goal overnight. It is a process that requires technologies, some of which we must – and will – develop before we can begin. We need completely new ways of working, ways that conserve resources and make us less dependent on fossil energy. And we need to walk this path together from this moment on. For our common mission: Work On Progress.

STRABAG Manifest

Few industries have a greater responsibility to find solutions for climate-neutral, socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices than the construction industry. And STRABAG sees it as its duty to honour this responsibility – for our employees, for society and, above all, for future generations.
The construction industry must embrace real change – and every one of us has to contribute their share. Our goal is to build a broad movement driven by the many steps and innovations, both big and small, that will be made in the years and decades to come.


If you’re looking for innovative answers to tomorrow’s challenges, you’ve got to ask the right questions today. We want to continue to set the pace for the whole industry by becoming not only the most innovative but also the most sustainable construction company in Europe.

  • Can concrete become greener?
    As the most commonly used building material, concrete – and the cement clinker used in its production – plays a central role from a sustainability viewpoint. Through our use of binders with a lower clinker content, we have cut our carbon emissions by as much as 50 %. Our Innovation Center building on the STRABAG campus in Stuttgart was built using this more sustainable form of concrete. 
  • Is it possible to make an asphalt that can actually clean the air?
    Three and a half years of intense collaborative research have made it possible: ClAir® Asphalt makes use of natural UV radiation to break down the nitrogen oxides bound in the air and convert them into harmless nitrates thanks to a special aggregate consisting of concrete mixed with titanium dioxide. The material, which is incorporated directly into the hot asphalt surface using an innovative installation process, helps to reduce the nitrogen dioxide concentration in the air by up to 26 %. The air-purifying asphalt was developed by the STRABAG competence centre TPA GmbH together with nine partners from science and industry.
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  • We recycle empty bottles. Why not our streets as well?
    For most of us, recycling our bottles and cans has been second nature for years. At STRABAG, we think that recycling should also become the norm in road construction. That’s why we already use 385,000 tonnes of recycled asphalt in our road projects every year and are working on solutions to increase this figure even further. In this way, we are building a road towards a more sustainable future. And we believe that a lot more is possible!
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Three big topics. One even bigger goal.

It will be a marathon and not a sprint.

There’s still a long way to go before we become climate neutral in 2040. But we have a clearly defined and ambitious roadmap that will bring us closer to our destination, step by step.

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