Promoting innovation. Reducing emissions.

Photovoltaic system being installed

Sustainability is a central pillar of STRABAG’s corporate strategy. A special focus of this strategy is the reduction of carbon emissions in all areas of our work – from the office to the construction site. When it comes to sustainability, it is our goal to reduce our carbon footprint in all processes as well as in our supply and production chains until we become completely emission-free.

  • Our journey into a climate-neutral future will only succeed if the construction industry manages to reduce emissions quickly and substantially through innovations and increased efficiency. This is exactly what we are working on.

    Klemens Haselsteiner

The production of building materials and the construction of buildings and other structures is currently responsible for 10 % of direct and indirect carbon emissions worldwide. The operation of buildings accounts for a further 28 %. Taken together, this amounts to 38 % of the global emissions burden. For this reason, STRABAG is doing everything in its power to reduce our energy consumption and to lower carbon emissions – in the production of building materials, in our transport and construction activities or in office operations. Emissions that we cannot avoid through energy efficiency measures or through the use of carbon-neutral energy sources are compensated for in as practical and intelligent a manner as possible.

Looking for progress? Right this way!

A selection of projects that contribute to reducing our carbon emissions today and in the future and which will help us to achieve our ambitious goals.

  • New campus building at Witten/Herdecke University

    Building with wood – building and learning in a sustainable and flexible way

    © Johannes Buldmann
  • Conveyor belt at the Saalfelden quarry

    How do you make electricity from stones?

  • Low-carbon concrete

    We work with climate-friendly building materials and technologies.

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