Strategy 2030

We are already realizing the future of construction with the aim of optimizing added value for people and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Theme of the new Group strategy: People, Planet, Progress

 At STRABAG, we’re convinced that success doesn’t depend on just one factor. And the past few years have shown this to be the case. Now it is our aspiration to lead the way into the future.

People. Planet. Progress.

We aim for profitability, but we also intend to create value for people and the planet. In keeping with this aim, our strategy focuses on three aspects: People. Planet. Progress. These are our guideposts pointing us in the right direction.

  • Photo by Klemens Haselsteiner, CEO of STRABAG SE

    Successful, sustainable management does not mean looking only one-dimensionally into the future. We want to achieve more:

    Klemens Haselsteiner

STRABAG is the strongest force to build a better future. We want more:

  • For people!
    Illustration of a construction helmet that is to stand for the focus aspect
    We build for people and with people. Each project creates added value for our colleagues and for society.
  • For the planet!
    Illustration of a tree that is to stand for the focus aspect
    We are working to combat climate change – guided by our intention to make our projects climate neutral by 2040 and to intensify construction in the energy sector.
  • For progress!
    Illustration of a crane, which is to stand for the focus aspect
    We are a technology pioneer in construction. We think ahead, we engage in data-driven decision-making and we question the status quo in order to continuously develop new expertise.

On this basis, we have defined the following six key strategic topics:

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Focus on employees

We’re taking an integrated approach to recruiting, training and rewarding our colleagues. We are committed to diversity, firmly convinced that more diverse teams perform better. We are also establishing an overarching learning culture and want to promote the efficient use of internal knowledge.

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Global-Local Presence

We see expansion into international markets and consolidation as strong factors driving growth. For this reason, we promote decision-making competence at the local level so we can precisely understand the circumstances of the individual markets and manage them profitably.

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Circular economy

We are expanding our expertise in the procurement and handling of construction materials as well as in deconstruction and recycling. This allows us to increase our resource efficiency continuously.​

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Expertise in energy sector

By cutting emissions associated with construction materials, processes and equipment from end to end, we are reducing our negative impacts on the environment. We are also implementing projects in the energy sector in order to profitably participate in the energy transition and build up the corresponding expertise.​

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Technology leadership

We are shaping the future of construction by employing new technologies. We develop in-house innovations to the point of market readiness, pursue partnerships and acquisitions, and strengthen our skills across the Group, especially in the field of data.​

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Depth of value creation

We strengthening our capabilities across the entire life cycle of our buildings, from design and construction to facility management and operation to demolition and deconstruction. Through earlier involvement, longstanding relationships and a wide range of services, we are continuously deepening our own value creation.​

  • It is important for us to emphasize at this point that the implementation of the strategy is a marathon and not a sprint. STRABAG will be a different company in 2030 than it is today. The good thing is that we are building our own path to the future. It is in our hands, it is up to us what STRABAG will look like in 2030! Because we want to achieve a lot, but not everything at once - in other words, Work On Progress. This is only possible if we all tackle it together.

    Klemens Haselsteiner


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Marianne Jakl
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