Diversity and inclusion at STRABAG

At STRABAG, we are working together on progress, creating an environment in which all employees can realise their full potential.
Photo of a colorfully patterned street, which symbolizes diversity in the company

We build on diversity!

As a globally active company, STRABAG’s 86,000 employees represent more than 139 nations from all generations, various religions and different sexual orientations. We are proud of this diversity and want to support our employees in their development as best as we can. STRABAG stands for equal opportunities: everyone, regardless of their gender or gender identity, age, origin, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, is given the same opportunities and the same career prospects. Because we believe that diverse teams are the best foundation for building a successful future with innovative and climate-friendly solutions.

  • The more diverse our employees are in terms of gender, age, origin or professional background, the more diverse their perspectives and their innovative approaches to solving the most pressing challenges facing our industry.

    Alfred Watzl
    Member of the STRABAG SE Management Board
Photo of three women working in different areas at STRABAG
Where would we be without them?Without the bridges, buildings, tunnels, and roads? Without our diverse teams that make them a reality? Without all the women at STRABAG who make an essential contribution? But we know: We can’t make it in the future without becoming more diverse.

6-0-100: Our diversity targets

Our goal is clear: as one of the world’s leading construction technology companies, we want to be an attractive employer for all. We have set ourselves clear and measurable targets to bring us closer to this goal and to promote equality, diversity and inclusion at STRABAG.

Dimensions of diversity

STRABAG supports gender equality, generational diversity and ethnic diversity. Many steps have already been taken, and many more will follow.

Gender equality

Generational diversity

Ethnic diversity

  • In our vision for the future, equality, diversity and inclusion are firmly anchored in everyone’s thinking, are an integral component of our structures and concepts, and are automatically included in our decisions and actions. Gender diversity and ethnic diversity should also be more strongly reflected in leadership positions.

    Natalie Atzenberger
    Group EDI Coordinator (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion)

Diversity stories: equality at work!

  • Job sharing in construction management
  • Intergenerational power in digitalisation

Networks and memberships

We can’t build a fair, diverse and equal-opportunity future all by ourselves. That’s why STRABAG is committed to networking, dialogue and mutual support with dedicated partners and reputable organisations. Our common goal is a fair and inclusive working world for everyone.. 

Logo of myAbility


STRABAG is a member of myAbility, the largest network on business and disability in the German-speaking world. myAbility serves as a forum for knowledge sharing among companies to help them recognise the potential of disability as a success factor. The common goal is to create a barrier-free economy. STRABAG actively supports this goal and addresses the target group directly in its job advertisements at myAbility.jobs, the largest job and career site for people with disabilities and chronic illness.

Badge of the Women's Empowerment Principles

Women's Empowerment Principles

STRABAG endorses the Women’s Empowerment Principles, a set of principles developed as a joint initiative between UN Women and the UN Global Compact. The principles offer guidance to businesses on how to promote equality and diversity in the workplace

Zero tolerance for discrimination

With our ombudsperson programme and the STRABAG whistleblower platform, we have effective mechanisms in place for reporting cases of discrimination. It is only when such violations are reported to us that we as an organisation can learn from them and implement the necessary corrective measures.


All of our ombudspersons will treat your concerns confidentially and in accordance with the principle of impartiality. The ombudspersons are your first point of contact for any unresolved legal matters regarding your employment or cases of discrimination of any kind, including incorrect pay, sexual harassment or bullying. The ombudsperson coordinator and the regional ombudspersons are also available as trusted advisors for work-related personal matters such as burnout or addiction.

In all their interactions, the ombudspersons always exercise absolute discretion and maintain an impartial attitude. Our ombudspersons see themselves as mediators between interests, pointing out possible courses of action and drawing attention to the consequences of certain behaviour.

STRABAG whistleblower platform:

Reports of discrimination of any kind can be submitted to the STRABAG whistleblower platform. The platform allows for the secure and – if desired – anonymous reporting of (suspected) legal offences and violations of internal company regulations by STRABAG and/or its employees, including cases of discrimination.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding equality, diversity and inclusion at STRABAG, please don’t hesitate to contact our Group EDI Coordinator Natalie Atzenberger.

Photo by Natalie Atzenberger, Group Coordinator EDI (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion)
Natalie Atzenberger
STRABAG SE, Donau-City-Str. 1, 1220 Vienna